Laboratoires Genevrier innovation

Laboratoires Genevrier constantly  reinvest a significant part of their total turnover in Research & Development to develop a solid range of products offering therapeutic solutions and thus fuel the growth of the company.   Laboratoires Genevrier  have adapted their internal organization creating a Research & Development affiliate that maximizes their chances of success:  Genbiotech is dedicated to the developments of biotechnology products.  The goal of Genbiotech is to implement therapeutic processes integrating cell therapies methods to satisfy the unmet needs of several pathologies.

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Industrial processes

We market medicines, medical devices, cosmetics and food supplements. Our production is performed by French manufacturers and by our sister company IBSA in Switzerland and Italy. Our production capacities range from oral forms to topical and injectable agents. We also ensure our own line of production of sensitive active substances to control the quality of our products.


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