We recognize and consider the value and strength of our teams and this is why women and men of Laboratoires Genevrier are at the center of our development strategy.

Human resources, with an emphasis on career development, diversity and closer employee relations, mobilize their actions to support our employees as well as the company’s performance and sustainable growth.

The three value pillars that establish our identity are:


” Understand our environment and learn to identify patients’ and professionals’ emerging expectations and needs to adapt and provide them with innovative solutions in the near future. We put our culture of demand to serve the health and well being of each and everyone.”


“Value our employees and our partners for a solid and lasting relationship. Our Quality and Security approaches commit us to work hand in hand with all our stakeholders. Trust is earned not given and this is why we believe that to deserve it, we shall put our actions into this approach.”


“Dare to invest into the future and bet on a broaden vision of health and therefore the evolution of health systems. Commit in R&D activities thanks to Genbiotech and bet on the importance of human relationships with Promogen”.


Together, we consolidate every day the story of Laboratoires Genevrier.

Dernière mise à jour le : 14/08/2015