Why Genevrier?

For vocational training

Hosting program and integration process

The hosting program is implemented for each new employee and is common to all employees. This program is designed so each new employee knows better the values, the work environment, the business and functions of the company.

The integration process is specific to each business and allows the new employee to follow specific internal trainings and help them settle in their new function.

Continuous education

We devote a substantial budget to trainings in order to develop the skills of our employees for them to be aligned with the progress of each business and each technology.

An internal training department, with qualified trainers in medical and scientific writing, creates and conducts tailored training modules. These modules are also available to our employees on our e-learning platform.


For the professional development

We recognize the experience, acquired skills and commitment of our employees, sole ambassadors of our values and company culture by facilitating access to professional growth within the company.

The value of hard work and performance recognition are key elements of motivation and commitment for our employees.


For the quality of worklife

Our employees enjoy convivial working conditions and working spaces that are suitable to their businesses.  They also have the possibility to reconcile an invested work life and a preserved private life, an essential balance for everyone’s wellbeing. This translates into adjusted work organisation such as part time, flexible reduced days plan, or the possibility of teleworking.


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For the diversity of businesses

Development professions

Our development professions include the departments of pharmaceutical development, regulatory affairs, clinical research and quality control.

Research and development are essential to the life a pharmaceutical company; these professions allow the renewal of therapeutic solutions that are made available to the carer to improve the wellbeing of their patients with respect to European standards of quality and current legislation ensuring efficacy and safety.


Some professions in development :

Sales & marketing professions

These professions involve the departments of marketing and sales force

Some sales & marketing professions :

Support functions

With over 30 different professions, support function act in support of operational functions to ensure a sound communication between departments.

Some support functions :

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