Leadership commitment

Since it was founded in 1987, Laboratoires Genevrier have linked their rapid expansion to their capacity of making innovation their systematic source of value and growth. It is from that standpoint that in 2013 were created Promogen and Genbiotech affiliates.

Thanks to our anticipation, trust and forwardness values, we nourish our role of social player in listening to patients. Patients’ health forces us to a promise: One that marks our progress to better live tomorrow. This is why we conceive, produce and market innovative solutions to answer healthcare professionals’ needs and help them improve the quality, safety, efficacy and efficiency of the care they provide their patients with, within our areas of expertise. An ongoing requirement to respect our commitments drives and guides our employees to work together meeting our customers’ needs, in compliance with public health goals, regulatory requirements and other applicable requirements.
To achieve this goal, the Leadership at Laboratoires Genevrier have chosen to implement a Quality and Environmental Management system committing itself in a Corporate Social Responsibility model. Our ambition is to use the latter as a leverage of sustainable growth.

The permanent and continuous improvement of the quality of our products and services as well as our risk prevention policy applied at all levels within the company allows us to anticipate and control any major risk.

To this end, the leadership requests the Quality Assurance and Environmental Department to receive authority and responsibility at all levels within the group to:

The Leadership commits to provide the necessary resources to everyone to implement and continuously improve our products and services to meet our customers’ requirements and achieve our goals.
The Leadership commits to establish and annually review its Quality and Environmental Policy along with its objectives to check their constant adequacy.


Chief Exective Officer,
Laboratoires Genevrier Genbiotech President

March 31st 2015

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